Česlovas Ramoška

A small winemaker whose products are sold in specialised beverage stores and restaurants.


The winemaker produces drinks at his winery in Šilutė district from organic fruits and berries that are grown on the local farm. For wine production, berries and fruits are carefully selected and picked by hand. The wine is produced using old Lithuanian traditions. Česlovo Ramoška comes from a long generation of wine makers, so winemaking has surrounded Česlovas since childhood and inevitably paved the way for the winemaker’s daily life. The experience and accumulated knowledge of the old winemakers of the Česlovas family date back as much as 150 years. The combination of winemaking knowledge acquired by Česlovo Ramoška and modern technologies, create real masterpieces. Leaving an everlasting impression on everyone who tastes Česlovas lovingly produced wines.
The semi-sweet Česlovas raspberry wine is the winemaker’s most popular product. The wine has been repeatedly recognised as the best in the semi-sweet category in the Lithuanian Wine Championship. However, this wine is not the only pride and joy of the winemaker. He also produces black current, apple, quince, rowan and chokeberry wines in stainless steel barrels.
Česlovas Ramoška’s wines are made using only natural berries and fruits. Sugar is also added to the wine, which cannot be avoided as it needs to give the wine some sweetness. Česlovas Ramoška notes that fruit wine lovers are increasingly asking for dry wine, so apple, rowan and chokeberry wines are made with only a few grams of sugar. Raspberry wine must be sweet, so more sugar is added in its production. Raspberry wines are maintained in special oak barrels for several months, it acquires longevity, and can continue to mature in the bottles for many years.
Some of the exclusive products include fruit-berry distillates, which is popular with customers for its natural and delicate sweet taste, as well as the long-lasting aftertaste of spices and roasted almonds. Interestingly, the desire to produce spirits was personal dream for the winemaker long before he began making wines. Perhaps that’s why this product became exclusive and quickly gained fans.
As you gain more experience in your business and seek to discover something new, quince liqueur was born in the Česlovas winery. This liqueur is perfect to accompany sweet wines, and desserts or to enjoy as a dessert on its own. After discovering the quince liqueur, almost immediately an already awarded sparkling raspberry wine was also discovered. This is loved by many sparkling wine enthusiasts.
All drinks are made exclusively by the winemaker’s own hands, without the involvement of any outsider businesses or fabrications. The recipes are known to only one person – Česlovas himself, so we can confidently guarantee that you will not taste such drinks anywhere else!


The company UAB Česlovo Vynas, founded by Česlovas Ramoška, became the first in Lithuania to be granted a license to produce wine. Starting off with a few bottles for personal use, the winemaker is now increasing his production every year. A few tons of wine a year is no longer enough – the number of people who want to buy natural-tasting Lithuanian wine is growing.
We offer you to taste our lovingly made wine and other drinks produced here at Česlovas winery!